Pecan Encrusted Redfish Recipe

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Southern Style Pecan Encrusted Redfish

Southern Style Pecan Encrusted Redfish

This is a version of one of the best dishes I have had down here, pecan encrusted redfish at Cosmo’s in Orange Beach, AL.

2 each fillets of Redfish. (Sea Bass or Tilapia can also be used if Redfish are not available in your area)

2 cups egg wash mix (mixture of three eggs and 1 cup of milk)

2-3 cups of fine bread crumbs or flour depending on how crunchy you want your fish

2-3 cups of crushed pecans. Either use a food processor or a trick I use is to put the pecans in a Ziploc bag and crush it back and forth with a rolling pin. Good to let out your frustrations without the fuss of getting out and cleaning a food processor

Creole Seasoning and Salt and Pepper to taste. I use something like Emeril’s seasoning or Cavender’s Greek seasoning. They put Cavender’s on everything down here from seafood to poultry to vegetables.

1. Combine the bread crumbs, crushed pecans in a shallow bowl

2. Prepare egg wash mixture

3. It is best to pre-season the fillets with the seasoning. Eyeball it to how much you think is necessary. I recommend not overpowering the fish with spices before frying.

4. Dip the fillets in the egg wash mix and then dip them into the pecan mixture.

5. In a large sauté’ pan heat up a few tablespoons of vegetable oil. Not too much, you are not deep frying so just enough to cover the bottom of the pan. The heat should be medium to medium high

6. Before placing your fillets in the pan, put a pat of butter right before the fish in the pan. This will help with the browning process.

7. Place fillets in pan gently and cook each side 5-10 minutes until golden brown. DO NOT OVER COOK!

You can cook the fish in the over for 20-25 minutes at 450° but I cannot recommend this method. I have tried it and the coating does not get crisp and bring out the buttery nutty flavor of the pecans.


***I have used this same recipe/technique on pounded thin chicken breasts and it was also delicious.

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